Welcome to 12 Million Orphans, a blog by Ray Barnett – founder of The African Children’s Choir.

Ray Barnett poses with two members of the Choir

Ray Barnett – CEO and Founder of Music for Life and The African Children’s Choir

Through this site Ray would like to give a voice to the ever growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa.

Find out more information about the dire situation of the children suffering in Africa, discover and donate to Ray’s current project – Music for Life Literacy Centres – and join us as we uncover the inspirational stories from Ray’s adventurous life of helping others.

Just how did a penniless young boy from Ireland end up helping 1,000’s of African children in need?

We will also be sharing stories from the extraordinary people Ray has encountered throughout his years of humanitarian work.

We hope this site brings you the inspiration you may be seeking to discover how you can help the 12 Million and counting, orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa through your own journey – together we can make a difference.

If you would like to make an immediate difference to the 12 million orphans project you can text ORPH12 £ ___  to 70070 to Just Giving with the amount you would like to donate.