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Ray Barnett poses with two members of the ChoirDear friends,

Welcome to our new blog. Here you can read all the latest information about our new campaign, 12 Million Orphans… and counting!

We have come a long way since the first African Children’s Choir went on tour in 1984. The African Children’s Choir Programme, and Music for Life, have since educated over 50,000 children in parts of Africa’s most underprivileged societies, and helped in excess of 100,000 children through various relief projects.

But we can’t stop there…

In 2006, a UN AIDS report estimated that there were over 12 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Since then, the number has risen considerably. We want to help, not only children orphaned by AIDs, but every hurting child in Africa who deserves support, education and guidance.

This is why I have put together 12 Million Orphans… and counting!

We want to address the need for quality education in the early stages of learning, focusing on children aged between 4-6 years old.

Recent assessments of more than 6 million South African learners found that in Grade 3, the national average performance in literacy stands at just 35%. Without an improvement in early stage education these figures will never rise and children will not be equipped with the skills needed to better themselves, and their communities.

We are aiming to have groups of 20 children attend our Music for Life Literacy Centres; there they will be offered quality teaching from a proven curriculum.

Each Centre would provide 20 children with one teacher who would have assistance in the classroom from volunteer caregivers in the community.

We believe that with a good start to education, these in-need children will be given the tools required to grow, develop and achieve great things.

12 Million Orphans... and counting!

12 Million Orphans… and counting!

How can you help? Well… our goal is to create a virtual family around these groups of children. Western friends who come together to support a child, or group, in their most critical and influential stage of education.

This blog, and our website, will be updated regularly with news and information on the campaign, and ways in which you can get involved. And, with our first centre already underway, we will be updating you on their progress.

Be sure to follow our journey, join us on social networking sites, and support us where you can.

Our main aim with everything we do is to help Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow, and you can help us achieve that!

Many thanks,

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Ray Barnett,
Founder and President of Music for Life and the African Children’s Choir programme.

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