Breaking the cycle of poverty through education

In sub-Saharan Africa 30% of primary school aged children are not enrolled in school, according to the UNESCO’s Regional overview of sub-Saharan Africa report, published in 2006. That means there are 33 million children missing out on a primary education in this part of Africa.

33 million children, let’s put that into perspective…

Breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa through education

Breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa through education

That’s more than the entire populations of Cuba, Belgium and Greece put together.

And these statistics will have risen to unthinkable numbers over the last 6 years.

The education crises that engulfs these children has created a barrier against the growth and acceleration of this capable generation and beautiful continent.

Education holds the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. With wisdom and learning comes opportunity and growth, and without either, how are the youth of Africa supposed to push the state of their communities forward?

Every child has the right to a quality education, but children in Africa are being robbed of this necessity for various reasons, mostly due to the lack of proper schooling facilities and unequal opportunity for education across countries. There is also a lack of standard teacher training.

Through education we can truly unlock the unlimited ability of these vulnerable children.

Ray Barnett, founder of The African Children’s Choir, wants to put a focus on preparing children for primary education by offering the most vulnerable children of Africa the opportunity of a pre-school education. With this social and educational advantage children will be more likely to succeed at primary school, giving them a better chance at their higher education and beyond.

Ray would like to achieve this via Music for Life Literacy Centres.

Learning to read at the Music for Life Literacy Centre Refengkgotso

Learning to read at the Music for Life Literacy Centre Refengkgotso

These centres will offer some of the poorest children in Africa the chance of a quality early stage education in a friendly, warm and encouraging environment. A place where they can escape their lives surrounded by hardship, AIDS and suffering. A place where they can be children, and learn.The first Music for Life Literacy Centre opened on August 13th 2012 in Refengkgotso and is currently teaching 20 children, between the ages of 4-6 years, who come from poor and suffering environments in the area.

On opening the centre the team were overwhelmed by the response, and have 40 extra children currently waiting for a place to attend the centre. We can’t help these 40 children without your help! Without further funds these 40 children, hoping for a better start, will be stuck there, waiting.

We desperately want to help these other children by opening more classes at this centre but we need your donations to make this happen.

Please help today by donating, and visit our get social page to see how you can use your social influence to help us, help them!

Thank you!





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