Get Social – 12 Million Orphans

Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter Account, Google+ or any other social media platform where you can talk to people?


Then you can help Ray with his 12 Million Orphans and counting project today!

Lets get social…

Your posts/likes and shares can really help us raise awareness of this incredible project, and allow us to take further steps in helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today.

We have come up with some ideas for how you can use your social media influence to help us…


We would like to get the hashtag #12millionorphans trending.

Can you donate a tweet? Maybe you would like to donate a tweet a week, informing your followers about @12M_orphans.

How about tweeting this…

I’m supporting @12M_orphans today by donating a tweet. For more information about the #12millionorphans blog visit

I’m donating 1 tweet to represent 1 of the @12M_orphans suffering in Africa. Will u do the same? #12millionorphans


Just imagine if you told all your friends about Ray’s work, then they told theirs, and so the message spreads. Reaching more people, and informing them about our projects will really allow us to show the world the plight of these children who so desperately need our help!

Add this to your status…

I am donating my status to the 12 Million Orphans and counting project today. 12 Million Orphans and counting is a blog set up by the founder of The African Children’s Choir – Ray Barnett. With this blog Ray aims to give the 12 Million and counting orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa a voice, by sharing, informing and inspiring. Funds raised through the blog will allow Ray to continue to set up Music for Life Literacy Centres, providing a quality early stage education to some of the most in-need children in Africa. Like their Facebook page or visit their website for more information about the cause and how you can get involved!

Be sure to ‘like‘ our page too!

Google +

If you have a Google+ account and want to share this page or any other content on this site, then just hit the Google + button to allow your connections to see it. This platform will work really well for sharing our blog posts.


Let’s not forget about photos!

We will be sharing lots of photographs from both the choir touring and from the Music for Life Literacy Centres in Africa. If you have a Pinterest account feel free to ‘pin’ any of the images we post here – or follow us on Pinterest and re-pin our posts.

With your help we want to give a voice to the 12 million, and counting, orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa. Let’s make a change – together!

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