Music for Life Literacy Centres

Lunch at our Music for Life Literacy Centre

Children enjoying the lunch provided by our Music for Life Literacy Centre

Ray and the team’s remarkable work through The African Children’s Choir and The Music for Life Centres have reached many in-need children, but Ray feels it is time to reach out further – and we need your help!

Music for Life Literacy Centres are Ray’s new vision – These centres will put a new emphasis on the education of younger children between the ages of 4 and 6.

These children will come from poor backgrounds, be orphaned or vulnerable, with no real prospect of a future without the empowerment of a quality early stage education.

The new Music for Life Literacy Centre Programme will see an extension to the good work already completed by the Music for Life programme.  The new centres will provide an all-day programme with a structured educational curriculum, where the children will also be provided with clothing and a balanced meal at lunch.

We are partnering with reliable people in each village and town who will be volunteers, but we also need you to become part of this circle, which is why we are appealing for donations to help us encompass these suffering children with the love, financial support and the encouragement they so desperately need. Without help from Western friends, we will be unable to provide our centres to those truly in-need.

Ray believes that improving upon the skills of these children, at this early stage, will give them the head start they need to become successful – Music for Life Literacy Centres aim to do just that -promoting a better start to a brighter future.

Artwork inside our first Music for Life Literacy Centre

Children’s Artwork inside our first Music for Life Literacy Centre

Through the 30 years of work with the Choir, we have learned that the earlier we are able to reach these children, the greater their chance of survival, with dignity, we can tap into their unlimited ability.

The first centre is currently underway in the town of Refengkgotso. You can read about their progress on Ray’s Blog.

The centre has taken on 20 of the area’s most in-need children – but was oversubscribed, and could easily take on 40 more children in 2 more classes. But this can’t happen until we have your support.

Ray’s vision has started in Refengkgotso, but it will not stop there. We have plans for another 9 centres, but cannot start to roll these out without extra funds. Please help today.


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